Irene always does an amazing job of finding the source of any issues my body may be holding and easing the suffering. I'm so grateful that I can have regular sessions with someone who shows such a joy and passion for the healing work she provides. She is really a most talented massage therapist. December 2013
...,this was one massage worth waiting for." Allure Magazine, February 2007
I discovered Irene about two years ago and have been enjoying her massage ever since. I was in dire need of a massage on a Sunday evening after coordinating a stressful, weekend-long event. She was able to accommodate my request, creating a lifelong client under the spell of her magic, healing hands. Her expertise goes beyond the physical and was able to bring a sense of renewal to a co-worker dealing with the death of her husband. If you’re in need of a massage from a knowledgeable and professional LMP, then Irene is guaranteed to deliver. August 2007
You are the only person to make me finally relax the tension I built up from office work & life. I never knew what a scapula was until you eased mine. Every time I visit Seattle, I want to enjoy your amazing healing talent! October 2007

Excellent Therapeutic Massage
Capitol Hill, Seattle